If you have big ideas, long to-do lists, and many projects in the works, I’m the accountability coach that can help you set up the systems to achieve your biggest goals.

I know what it’s like to be in a creative job, the gig that was supposed to be the ONE only to feel overworked, underpaid, underappreciated and tired. After freelancing all over the country, I’ve learned that there are many versions to a creative life and all of them are beautiful. Have you been thinking about what you want your life as a creative to really look like? Picture your dream day.


Being unafraid to challenge systems and speak up against industry nonsense, I am here to coach hardworking creatives. Along the way, you will discover unapologetic self confidence and get focused on what’s important to you.

My role as an accountability coach is to get to the root of what you truly want and assist you in building systems to get there. With structured work and accountability checks over multiple sessions, you will achieve more than ever before working solo. If you are a freelancer or solopreneur but benefit from someone to answer to, a coach is a great option. Staying motivated while working alone can be a challenge, which is where I step in. We will set tangible actions each session to keep you constantly moving in the direction you want to go.

Structured accountability in certain areas of your life will help you get focused in other ways you might not have thought about. It is my mission to get to the root of what you truly want and help create a path to get there with a version of your ideal life along the way. You’ll overcome the need for perfectionism, and accomplish more than you've thought possible. 



Some people are incredibly self motivated but benefit from the occasional check-in from a third party, like an accountability coach. As a creative person, when the ideas begin to flow, starting projects is easy, but the to-do lists are long and it’s difficult to know where to spend your energy. There is a lot of power in creating systems and focusing on one thing at a time. I can help you figure out what you truly want and provide resources to help you on your journey. 

You can use a one time session however you want. Some of my fields of expertise are: career options, consistent hobbies, side hustle options, planning for holiday sales, content creation, ceramics work, painting, and so much more. You can book on an as need basis and I will help you on your pursuits.

Each consultation is 60 minutes and payment is on a sliding scale. We can work together for anywhere between $40 - $80 per session. This includes an optional check-in call two weeks later, up to 40 minutes! 

To schedule a one time consultation with me, click this link. After completing the questionnaire, I will reach out via email with a link to both schedule the meeting and complete payment.


How does a coaching series work?

If you are thinking about undergoing a coaching series with me, fill out this google form.

Over the course of either 6 or 12 sessions (depending on your goals) we will meet for one hour every other week. In between these meetings, you will receive email support from me as you work towards the actions we set together. Meeting times are flexible as I work with many freelancers.

After filling out the interest form, you can expect the preliminary questionnaire to hit your inbox. 

Once it’s filled out, the next step is a complimentary consult call. We will chat about the questionnaire and discuss the next steps if I am the right coach for you. There is no pressure to decide on this call and there is time for any questions you have to be answered at that time.

If we decide to move forward with a series, I will send you a document called “The Coaching Agreement” It details exactly how the series will run including email / call logistics and payment. 

How much does it cost?

Deciding to invest in yourself by working with an accountability coach is an amazing step.
There are options when it comes to paying for your coaching series.

6 and 12 session series cost $120 per month. A 15% discount will be applied if you pay in one installment. 

This includes:

- 1 hour meetings every other week ( twice a month ) where we will assess progress and set actionable steps for the next weeks. 
(These are virtual, unless you live in NYC and want to meet in person!) 

- Support via email in between sessions. 

- Personalized research and resources curated for your specific needs. 

- Structured accountability personalized to your needs and goals

Can’t afford an entire coaching series right now? Please don’t place yourself in any financial strain to work with me. I run consults on a sliding scale and provide other free resources in my newsletter, blog, and instagram with plans for even more in the future.

My no-nonsense approach is perfect for highly motivated people who have a lot of ideas but could benefit from an accountability coach helping bring priorities into focus.

Contact me today to begin the journey towards figuring out what being a creative professional looks like for you! It’s time to pave your own way and live as a Hungry Artist.