This page is a running list of all of my affiliate links. 

What is an affiliate link? 

These are links companies give me to share with you. If you click on this link and decide to purchase a product or use a service, there is a bonus or discount on your end and I am incentivized in a small way for sending you. 

Because these are all affiliate / referral links, that means I regularly use or purchase from every one of these businesses. They are all companies I believe in, patronize, and think they are valuable enough to share with you. 

Using these links is a small way you can support me while doing something for yourself! 

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I joined The Financial Gym in December 2019.
To say it changed my life would be a complete understatement.  

No matter where you are in your financial journey, The Gym is for you. 
Whether you have thousands of debt or are a pretty savvy budgeter already, working with a trainer will help you take it to the next level. 

If you are ready to commit and make an incredible change in your life. Book a call with The Financial Gym today. Use my link and let them know Kristen sent you. 

They will answer any and all questions you have on the warm up call.
Personal Finance is incredibly personal and every situation is unique. 
It will be the best call you ever schedule, I promise.  


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CBD has become very popular over the last few years. I’m sure you’ve seen it in retail stores, coffee shops, and heard about it on your favorite podcast.

CBD is a natural ingredient found in hemp flowers. It can be used as a health supplement and is known to have many benefits for both mental and physical wellness.

Not all CBD is created equal and purchasing high quality product will ensure a better experience. I have been using Equilibria since April 2020 and highly recommend it to anyone curious about CBD. Your purchase comes with a complimentary consultation with a dosage specialist. They will talk with you and recommend how to dose for your desired outcomes.

Equilibra is a company focused around women’s health, but their products are gender neutral. My partner often uses the products I keep around and loves them. I love that Equilibria focuses on women’s health because for so long, we have been left out of the equation in medicine development and study.

I am a monthly subscriber to Equilibria. CBD is most effective if you routinely utilize it. The box I get each month always includes soft gels and the daily drops (mint flavored). I use the CBD topical cream and roller duo, but don’t need those to come in the monthly box. I add them when my supply is running low.

If you want to try Equilibria, MY LINK gives you $10 off your first order!

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There are many reasons I am a fan of Misfits Market.

It is a produce subscription box that I have been ordering for over a year. They rescue produce from farmers that while perfectly great to eat are passed over by grocery stores for cosmetic reasons. It is great quality, organic, and remind me of vegetables from my dad’s garden.  
You choose the produce from a list of options and after the selections are confirmed, you can browse the marketplace and add anything else you need that week. The marketplace is full of discounted items ranging from canned soup to coffee tumblers. Coffee beans and dates are staples I get from the Misfit’s Market Marketplace.

If you want to try Misfits Market, MY LINK gets you 30% off your first box.

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If you use social media for business, being intentional and having a plan is the difference between seeing real growth and staying stagnant. The Content Planner is the first specifically designed for social media and is better than all of the versions out on the market.

The Content Planner is 15 months and FILLABLE. This means no matter when your planner arrives, you can start using it and get the most from every month. If you take a break, the blank pages are there to welcome you back when you are ready.  
The planner comes with stickers for you to organize and fill the pages, which I love as someone who isn’t great at the cute bullet journaling.

There are big spaces with prompts to help create your goals and then space to create actionable steps to achieve them. There is a yearly overview, lists of holidays, and even themes to help you plan. The Content Planner is the perfect balance of prompts to keep you motivated and excited with the space and design for the flexibility and customization I need.

Beyond the physical planner, Kat is an incredible educator, coach, and business woman. I highly recommend following @thecontentplanner on Instagram. Kat is consistently showing up, providing so much valuable information, and constantly gives back to the community. I’ve had the privilege of attending her virtual content planning workshop and she truly is a great person.
Use MY LINK if you decide to purchase a planner from Kat. 



Investing is incredibly important. It is practically impossible to reach financial independence or retire without some sort of investing. If you are reading this and haven’t started investing yet, I HIGHLY recommend starting. Even if you feel like there is no room in your budget, starting small is better than not at all. This is where Acorns comes in.

Acorns in an app that allows you to begin investing with your spare change. You are able to open different types of investment accounts and set up recurring transfers. My favorite feature of Acorns, the round ups. You can link your debit cards to the account and each time you make a purchase, it is rounded up to the nearest dollar and deposited into your investment account.

If saving money is a challenge or you tend to be a spender (like me) little tricks like this are a great way to save money without the brain energy required to do so. Once the debit card is linked and you have auto-transfers set up.. Hide the app away. In the moment, you probably won’t miss the money being transferred away from your account because they are small.. But it adds up. I left my app unlooked at for an entire quarter and there was just over $300 between the two accounts.

While investing your spare change won’t get you to financial independence alone, planting these seeds will benefit future you. When it comes to investing, time is the most important factor. Once you are able to save and invest more aggressively, you will already have a foundation. Investing a couple hundred dollars a year now is SO valuable over not investing. You pay your rent, your bills, and other utilities… make paying YOURSELF a priority as well.

Use MY LINK to start investing today! Acorns will give you $5 to get started!