Hi there!  My name is Kristen Fechtel, and I am an accountability coach and creative professional living in Brooklyn, New York. I work with highly motivated, creative professionals from all over the industry. My clients are those who have projects, goals, and the skills to achieve them but benefit from structured systems and accountability. The ‘starving artist’ trope is one I refuse to accept and actively work against each day. The hungry artists aim to smash stereotypes and find their truest selves.

With a background in theatre production and a career spanning different creative industries, I have met many people and seen various versions of successful careers. There are many myths in the field, for example:
-day jobs make you less of an artist
-art is only valid if there was struggle involved,
- your home life and relationships will suffer for your job, and that's admirable
-you should be working for the love of the art, not for money

While a career as a creative is a lot of work, you can put your art into the world and life a comfortable life. This looks different for every person, but with some reflection, finding your path and pursuing those big goals is achievable. 

I’ve worked as a scenic artist all over the United States, spending the last five years mostly in New York and New Jersey. In that time, I’ve also worked as an artist assistant, ceramics studio technician, built designer chandeliers, and many odd jobs in between, some art related, others in the service industry. 


Meeting people and hearing their stories is one of the best parts of every job I've had. People in every place have felt comfortable opening up to me and asking for advice. This led me to seek out becoming a certified coach. This way, I can support creative professionals in a structured way.  

I completed training at Beautiful You Coaching Academy in May 2020. Combining both my background in the professional arts and coaching processes, I’m ready to help you find and pursue your ideal life. 

If you are a person with lots of to-do lists, projects started, and big ideas but struggle with next steps or seeing a goal through, a coach will benefit you. As a coach, I can provide structured accountability and help guide you through the hard work. You will reach big goals by setting up systems that continue past our sessions. These will be the foundations for your future ventures, creative and otherwise!  As someone who thrives in structure, but also loves working for myself, I provide that third party oversight to keep you on track with your deadlines and goals. I have a tough, no-nonsense style that is compatible with self motivated individuals.