Tarot for Beginners

As a creative professional, having a hobby outside of your discipline for FUN (not making money) is incredibly important. Personally, pursuits that feel expansive with an opportunity for continuous learning are what I enjoy. 

Over the last year, learning about tarot cards has been my main hobby. It started with an oracle deck falling into my life via a lost-and-found that I used it every so often, but my older sister, Katie kickstarted my passion.

I’ve always adored Katie and in typical little sister fashion, copied everything she did when we were younger. When I visited in October of 2020, she let me explore her tarot card collection and graciously gave me one of her decks and some recommendations for learning.

When there is so much out there, it can be hard to know where to start. Whether you want to use tarot for self-reflection, creative inspiration, or something fun to learn, these resources are my favorite as still a beginner.


Acquiring a deck is a great place to start.

Tarot decks are available online, in bookstores, and directly from creators. 

When deciding which deck to buy, it is ultimately best to purchase one you enjoy looking at, using, and connect with. Some are more beginner friendly and great when learning the card meanings. If you have a background in any art history, the imagery will help you intuitively think about the card.

Many tarot readers I personally know are generous and love to share with others. Decks have been gifted to me from more experienced readers who encourage and guide my journey. I passed along that first gifted deck to the host at my favorite bar, who would chat with me about cards. 

OTHERS: Radiant Rider-Waite, Ethereal Visions, & Everyday Witch Tarot
MY GO TO RIGHT NOW: The Wandering Moon Tarot (pictured in this post).

The Golden Thread Tarot was a gift from Katie, but she let me pick whatever I wanted. I chose this one because the app I use  to learn has it as an option. I love the digital version and wanted the consistency between physical cards and app.  

It is so lovely to shuffle and the material makes it a great deck to take out and about. 


I love this app because it is completely FREE.

Tina Gong, the creator, has illustrated many decks. As a student in the app, there are a number of decks you can choose to use. Golden Thread is what I use, which you can buy in the app, but there are no ads or pressure while learning.

While there are daily card draws and spreads, I use the app mostly for the lessons and card definitions. I’m still a beginner, so sometimes I want meanings deeper than the LWB, but not quite as in depth as a book. The app is perfect for that and it links to a page with even more information.

When I want to learn about a topic, podcasts are my go-to. They are magical and I’ve been listening to them for years. Since almost anybody can start a podcast, you can find them covering the most nuanced topics. 

There are tarot podcasts out there, from ones teaching you about the cards to others that review decks, books, and have interviews. I enjoy both because while memorizing the cards is important, hearing readings live has taught me a lot and informed my practice.

Wildly Tarot Podcast
Tarot is Fucking Cool
Coffee Cup Tarot


There are many tarot books out there and the list of ones I want to read is LONG. Following the recommendation from Holly and Esther of The Wildly Tarot Podcast, I started with both The Creative Tarot, A Modern Guide to an Inspired Lifeby Jessa Crispin and Your Tarot Court by Ethany Dawn 

Both of these books were excellent for me and will help you find even more paths of research to explore. 

If you are a person who prefers a visual learning experience, there are great tarot related Youtube videos out there. From folks explaining the card meanings to sharing real time readings. Find someone who you enjoy watching or listening to and dig into their teachings.

This video is one I like to have in the background while working. She’s got a lovely voice and is very straight forward with definitions. 

Listening to podcasts, reading books, and finding other tarot readers will naturally lead to discovering even more people and resources to guide your learning. Have you ever tried tarot cards? Let me know what decks you like or other resources missing here in the comments! 

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