You Have Food at Home: CHICKPEA EDITION

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Chickpeas are a truly wonderful legume. Evidence shows us as far back as 10,000 years ago, people were eating chickpeas in parts of the world. This is older than pottery as an art form, which as a ceramic artist made my brain explode a little bit when I did this research.

Today, you can find them in the stores and in recipes and both ‘chickpeas’ and ‘garbanzo beans.’ Bon Appetit has an article about the history, which is the kind of info I love. You can read it here if you’re interested! 


Chickpeas are versatile. They can be the star of main dishes, a complement  or a solo snack. You’ll always find both dried and canned chickpeas in my pantry. This way when I’m in a pinch, there’s always something I can prepare with a few other items I have on hand.

While purchasing dry beans is more cost effective, there is more time and prep work required. If you are making big batches or trying to be frugal and have the time, prepare them from scratch. Canned chickpeas are also delicious and can be used in most recipes. 

Along with their long shelf life, chickpeas are also high in fiber and contain potassium and protein. They are great when dabbling in meatless cooking and can be prepared in many different ways.

In my You Have Food at Home post, I mentioned my favorite cookbook: Classic Indian Cooking. While I usually cook from that book, the recipes I share here are ones that are similar I’ve found online. I try to find things that are flexible and easy to make and budget friendly.

Feel free to use what you have on hand or substitute when you need. Don’t stress if you don’t have every last herb or spice. I always customize, shop the pantry and try to use what is expiring soon.

Here are four easy recipes I love to make with chickpeas! 


When it comes to hummus, making it at home is always the way to go. It is simple, delicious, and much better than what you’re getting at the store.

Palestinian hummus is the most delicious you will ever eat. This recipe from Bake, Eat, Smile, Repeat is easy and packed with great flavor. It’s a Palestinian original recipe and only requires 6 ingredients.

After you try this one, click around Numnum’s blog and try the other amazing recipes there! 

Once you master the process, the flavor possibilities are endless. You can make it spicy, peppery, or top with roasted nuts. Hummus can be a dip or used in wraps or for sandwiches. Taking the shells off your chickpeas will give you an incredibly smooth texture, but is optional. 


A recipe from one of my favorite recipe bloggers, Zehra, this dish is one you must try. She describes it as a falafel turned upside down. It is simple and packed full of flavor.

Cauliflower is one of those things I buy when I’m feeling healthy at the store, but that person feels like a stranger when it comes time to cook dinner.

I’m always looking for fun and exciting ways to cook cauliflower and usually have the other ingredients for this dish on hand. Check out this recipe and others from Zehra. I’ve enjoyed every one I’ve tried.



A true classic. I love salty snacks and make these all the time. They’re easy and you can flavor them however you want. I like to make salty, spicy, and even ranch flavored chickpeas.

When practicing no-spend months, I usually run out of good snacks and have to get creative around week 3. Since there are always chickpeas in my pantry, I make a few batches of these.

This recipe from The Kitchn is my go-to! Following this process, my chickpeas come out of the oven perfect every time. Here’s the link !


Chana Saag is one of my absolute favorite dishes. The restaurant near my house makes excellent chana saag, but it is one I do enjoy making at home.

Chana Saag translates to ‘chickpeas in cooked spinach sauce.’ You can eat it solo, with rice or naan bread. I use the recipe from the cookbook I mentioned earlier but this recipe from Cook With Manali is excellent. It is vegan and you don’t need many ingredients or a lot of time for this great saag.



All four of these recipes are delicious and some of my favorite to make at home. Let me know some of your favorite ways to eat chickpeas in the comments! I always love expanding my options. 

    This episode of 'Recipe Club' is all about chickpeas. The recipes they made were so fun and unique. The things you can make with chickpeas will blow your mind when you hear it. 

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