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Let’s get back to basics.

Basics are great. As a creative, when I’m stuck in a block or don’t know what to make, I take it back to the fundamentals. This can be technical forms on the wheel, drawing exercises, writing prompts, or simple tarot card draws. When you’re in the kitchen, sometimes the most basic dish done perfectly can satisfy a craving.

Things that seem complicated are sometimes simple moves built on top of eachother or small steps compounded. There is a lot of power in going back to the foundation and ensuring everything is sturdy.

There are many ‘basics’ I have learned in recent years that would have been helpful if they were tools to me earlier on. This includes personal finance principles, properly cleaning my house, sustainability, cooking, skincare, and so much more.

As I was crafting series ideas for my blog, I started with You Have Food at Home, which is where I research and try different recipes around a variety of topics and ingredients. With frugality and food waste in mind, these posts are some of my favorite to write. You can read THE BREAKFAST EDITION and CHICKPEA EDITION now, with plans for many more of these posts in the future.

In Back to Basics, I am writing about all the ‘basics’ I have learned and found helpful for myself or inspired by conversations with clients. I’m keeping it broad because when it comes to basic shit I don’t know, there is a lot and broad barely scratches the surface.

Some of the topics I already have planned to talk about are emergency funds, cleaning, money management, tax prep, shopping at the grocery store, reading more books, screen time habits, exercise, and creative pursuits.

I’m not an expert, but that’s okay. You don’t need to be an expert and sometimes regular people’s experience and advice is incredibly valuable. I don’t shy away from taboo or obvious topics, and that will be reflected in this series.

As I am figuring things out, sharing is both a way I can keep myself accountable, practice writing (which is something I really enjoy), and hopefully spark conversations or inspire actions in the readers. Researching, writing, and sharing is the aim of this blog and if there’s anything specific you want to see in this series, let me know in the comments!

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